Naturally Beautiful

Here is a finished shot the latest Highchair to come out of my shop. I’m very pleased with the natural finish. The contrast between the maple legs and the walnut seat really pops.

All oiled and ready for delivery.
All oiled and ready for delivery.

These Little chairs give kids a few extra inches of height, bringing them up to a comfortable dining level at the “grown up table”. Best of all the hands of the chair are low enough to fit under most tables so you can really slide them in nice and close to their plates..

Just the right Height.
Just the right Height.
And as always, some process pictures..
And as always, some process pictures..





A Great Summer In And Around The Shop

The weather has been nearly perfect around here lately. Maybe a touch on the hot side but trust me, after this last winter, I’m not complaining one bit. The chickens and the garden (veg and flowers) are loving it, so it’s all good.

Peppers and Tomatoes are the big producers this year in the veg department. Our lovely feathered ladies are producing a half dozen or more eggs per day and the wild flowers just keep on blooming.

Here is a shot of the Highchair I was working on in my last post…

I’m very pleased with how this chair turned out. The contrast between the walnut seat and the maple leg tenons really catches the eye. If you or anyone you know are interested in purchasing this little beauty, click here.

Currently on the workbench I have a nearly completed Curved leg stool. These little guys are a lot of fun to build and are perfect for bars, counter height dining areas and guitar playing..

All thats left to do with this one is to trim the leg tenons and scrape the seat to a fine surface with a card scraper. This is probably my favorite part of the chair making process and I can’t wait to get going on it. After that It’s Milk paint time!

The steam bent curved legs really add some visual pop to the profile of this little stool.
The steam bent curved legs really add some visual pop to the profile of this little stool.

As soon as I take some glamor shots of this stool I’ll post a few pictures.

Busy Week Inside And Out…

The veggie  garden is coming to life and and keeping me busy. The ladies seem to be very happy and are keeping us supplied with about a half dozen beautiful eggs every day.

Summer Squash, Happy Chickens, Tomato Flowers and Golden Raspberries

Here’s a little peek at whats going on in the shop right now. Yup, another highchair. This will be my first attempt at a painted chair with a natural finish walnut seat, and I’m very excited to see how it turns out.

I love the contrast between the walnut and the maple where the legs come through the top of the seat.

This one should be ready for paint in a couple of days. I can’t wait to share the results.

Just a reminder….If you’re planning on building your own Windsor Chair and need materials, I’ve got you covered.


Seasonable Weather….and Some Quality Shop Time.

First, I’m happy to announce that the garden is finally starting to come together. Tomatoes, peppers, beans, kale and cucumbers are in the ground. About a week later than I would have liked, but winter didn’t want to let go this year. Now I just have to keep the chickens out of it ’till the plants get a little bigger. Easier said than done I’m afraid.

Growing my tomatoes on stakes this year instead of using cages.
Growing my tomatoes on stakes this year instead of using cages.

And in the shop….Here’s a look at the Hoop Back rocker I was working on a couple of weeks ago.

Carving the seat with an inshave and travisher..
Carving the seat with an inshave and travisher..
Rockers all cleaned up and ready to fit.
Rockers all cleaned up and ready to fit.
All glued up and ready for a final clean up and paint!
All glued up and ready for a final clean up and paint!

I’m very pleased with how this little rocker turned out. It really is very comfortable, maybe one day I’ll make one for myself.

And a finished shot…

Oiled, waxed and ready to ship...
Oiled, waxed and ready to ship…

More updates soon!

Another Busy Week In The Shop

I finally finished up the latest Continuous Arm Highchair. Here you can see it just after the glue up process. Notice that the wedges are still visible at the ends of the spindles and arm posts. Soon they’ll be trimmed off and the surface of the arm will be given a final clean up using a spokeshave and a scraper. Then it’s on to painting. I’ll be sure to post some painting process pics in a few days.

wpid-20150404_200247.jpgNow It’s on to the next project. I’m making a Hoop back rocking chair for a client in Florida. These handsome little chairs are a lot of fun to build, not to mention very comfortable.

wpid-20150206_133649.jpgIn other news….the ladies are really digging the warmer weather and longer days. Nothing like a nice long dust bath with the warm sun on your face (I’m told). And, egg production has been way up. That’s a win-win situation as far as I’m concerned…


It sure doesn’t feel like spring….

Under all that snow is my garden….sigh. wpid-20150321_111353.jpgIt’ll be a few weeks before I can start tilling, and a couple more after that before I can get some soil under my fingernails. Can’t wait to get some happy little seedlings in the ground. At the moment, most of my veggies are just beginning to show signs of life under the grow light…wpid-20150325_215833.jpg Peas and Summer Squash always seem to pop up first. More to come from the garden as soon as the weather decides to cooperate.

In the shop I’m still working on the latest Highchair. It should be finished in a few days. Here’s what it looks like now..

The legs and arm posts have been fitted into the seat.
The Continuous arm has been carefully steam bent and set into its form.

Next I’ll be carving the seat and fitting the spindles. I’ll post some more process pictures in a few days.

Today in the Shop…

Not a great deal of excitement to report on today. I’ve started on another highchair. This time for a client in Maryland. Here’s a shot of the legs and arm posts that I turned on the lathe yesterday. I’ll be posting process pictures of this chair as it takes shape.20150316_145556

And in other news, I will be selling top quality spindle blanks for those folks who do not have access to white oak. Details can be found in the link on my home page.


If you happen to be interested in building your own windsor chair, I highly recommend Peter Galberts new book “Chairmakers Notebook”. Not only is it packed full of valuable information, it’s also beautifully illustrated and a joy to read. Order here from the good folks over at Lost Art Press.

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image Here’s the latest chair to emerge from my shop. It’s a child’s highchair in the continuous arm style. Find it on Etsy by clicking here. imageHere’s a process picture. Making chair parts on a smaller scale than I’m use to was definitely a fun challenge. Check in from time to time. I’ll be posting on a wide variety of subjects in the next few weeks including shop stuff as well as gardening stuff. It’s time to get those seedlings started!