It sure doesn’t feel like spring….

Under all that snow is my garden….sigh. wpid-20150321_111353.jpgIt’ll be a few weeks before I can start tilling, and a couple more after that before I can get some soil under my fingernails. Can’t wait to get some happy little seedlings in the ground. At the moment, most of my veggies are just beginning to show signs of life under the grow light…wpid-20150325_215833.jpg Peas and Summer Squash always seem to pop up first.┬áMore to come from the garden as soon as the weather decides to cooperate.

In the shop I’m still working on the latest Highchair. It should be finished in a few days. Here’s what it looks like now..

The legs and arm posts have been fitted into the seat.
The Continuous arm has been carefully steam bent and set into its form.

Next I’ll be carving the seat and fitting the spindles. I’ll post some more process pictures in a few days.


Today in the Shop…

Not a great deal of excitement to report on today. I’ve started on another highchair. This time for a client in Maryland.┬áHere’s a shot of the legs and arm posts that I turned on the lathe yesterday. I’ll be posting process pictures of this chair as it takes shape.20150316_145556

And in other news, I will be selling top quality spindle blanks for those folks who do not have access to white oak. Details can be found in the link on my home page.


If you happen to be interested in building your own windsor chair, I highly recommend Peter Galberts new book “Chairmakers Notebook”. Not only is it packed full of valuable information, it’s also beautifully illustrated and a joy to read. Order here from the good folks over at Lost Art Press.

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