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One-on-one Windsor chair skill-building


2-3 days of instruction in your shop

  • Topics are personalized to your needs and cover all aspects of traditional Windsor chair making, including: steam bending, turning legs, seat carving, sharpening, riving, and shop set up.
  • This new offering is for aspiring chairmakers who understand the basics and are looking to improve their skills and knowledge. 
  • Student must have appropriate tools, shop and materials.
  • $500 per day ($300 for travel days), plus travel and accommodations.
  • Reach out for more information.
Maine Woods Show 2020

“I had the good fortune to have Daniel Monsees in my shop training me and building my skills in many facets of chairmaking. Dan is an excellent teacher, he helped me understand sharpening, improved my turning skills, splitting, riving, whittling, seat carving, even helping me build a shop-made steady rest and scrub plane… this was the best money I’v spent for my chairmaking passion.”

William Boyle
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