Maine Woods 2020 Show

I’m very pleased to be part of The Maine Wood 2020 show, alongside an extremely talented group of makers and artists! The show runs from January 17th to April 8th at the Messler Gallery, Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, 25 Mill Street, Rockport, Maine.

My piece in this juried show is a walnut-seat Windsor high chair. The finish is both natural and painted, to accentuate the unique combination of local materials used to create it. The spindles were hand riven and shaved from ash, the legs are hard maple, the bow is steam bent oak, and the seat is carved walnut.

Eight Maine woodworkers were honored with awards at the opening of “Maine Wood 2020” Jan. 17. The exhibition is the seventh in a biennial series presented by the Messler Gallery of the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship to showcase the breadth, creativity and excellence of wood craftsmanship in Maine. It features furniture, carving, marquetry, turning and sculpture made by 22 Maine artists and artisans, selected from a pool of 76 entries by a distinguished independent jury.”

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  1. Hi Dan, Thanks for sending this. The chair is a work of art. I wonder if it can be donated to a museum. That is where it belongs. For goodness sake, don’t let any kids sit in it!! I am happy to report that just yesterday I finished the big Nantucket I made using your spindle blanks. The wood was great and there was much character in the grain that I will take advantage of when I finish it. I have been staining the spindles and crest with Van Dyke Crystals and I can put multiple coats unit the grain looks just right. Then I use milk paint on the seat, undercarriage, and arms. Joel turned on me to a mixture he uses to finish things that is an equal part mixture of epiphanes, epiphanes thinner, and Tung Oil. I am giving this chair to Stony Brook University. My collected papers are being archived in the Department of Special Collections at their library and I thought that one of my chairs would be a nice thing for them. I tried to make the very best chair I am capable of making and I feel good with the result. I am grateful for your contribution to it! Best safe. Cheers-Dan


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