A Great Summer In And Around The Shop

The weather has been nearly perfect around here lately. Maybe a touch on the hot side but trust me, after this last winter, I’m not complaining one bit. The chickens and the garden (veg and flowers) are loving it, so it’s all good.


Peppers and Tomatoes are the big producers this year in the veg department. Our lovely feathered ladies are producing a half dozen or more eggs per day and the wild flowers just keep on blooming.

Here is a shot of the Highchair I was working on in my last post…


I’m very pleased with how this chair turned out. The contrast between the walnut seat and the maple leg tenons really catches the eye. If you or anyone you know are interested in purchasing this little beauty, click here.

Currently on the workbench I have a nearly completed Curved leg stool. These little guys are a lot of fun to build and are perfect for bars, counter height dining areas and guitar playing..

All thats left to do with this one is to trim the leg tenons and scrape the seat to a fine surface with a card scraper. This is probably my favorite part of the chair making process and I can’t wait to get going on it. After that It’s Milk paint time!

The steam bent curved legs really add some visual pop to the profile of this little stool.

The steam bent curved legs really add some visual pop to the profile of this little stool.

As soon as I take some glamor shots of this stool I’ll post a few pictures.

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  1. Beautiful woodworking there!! Also, is that a barred rock hen in the photo? Been thinking about adding two to my flock. How do you like them? prolific layers?

    • Hi James, thank you! Yes, that is a Barred Rock. I currently have three of them in my nine bird flock..They are EASILY the best layers that I have. They lay often and don’t slow down during the short winter days. Highly recommended.
      Thanks for viewing!

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