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Seasonable Weather….and Some Quality Shop Time.

First, I’m happy to announce that the garden is finally starting to come together. Tomatoes, peppers, beans, kale and cucumbers are in the ground. About a week later than I would have liked, but winter didn’t want to let go this year. Now I just have to keep the chickens out of it ’till the plants get a little bigger. Easier said than done I’m afraid.

Growing my tomatoes on stakes this year instead of using cages.

And in the shop….Here’s a look at the Hoop Back rocker I was working on a couple of weeks ago.

Carving the seat with an inshave and travisher..

Rockers all cleaned up and ready to fit.

All glued up and ready for a final clean up and paint!

I’m very pleased with how this little rocker turned out. It really is very comfortable, maybe one day I’ll make one for myself.

And a finished shot…

Oiled, waxed and ready to ship…

More updates soon!

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