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Another Busy Week In The Shop

I finally finished up the latest Continuous Arm Highchair. Here you can see it just after the glue up process. Notice that the wedges are still visible at the ends of the spindles and arm posts. Soon they’ll be trimmed off and the surface of the arm will be given a final clean up using a spokeshave and a scraper. Then it’s on to painting. I’ll be sure to post some painting process pics in a few days.

Now It’s on to the next project. I’m making a Hoop back rocking chair for a client in Florida. These handsome little chairs are a lot of fun to build, not to mention very comfortable.

In other news….the ladies are really digging the warmer weather and longer days. Nothing like a nice long dust bath with the warm sun on your face (I’m told). And, egg production has been way up. That’s a win-win situation as far as I’m concerned…

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