I build heirloom quality Windsor chairs by hand, one at a time. My goal is to craft you a beautiful piece that is worthy of being passed down through generations. Learn more on my Process page.

My one-person workshop is located in rural Central Maine. All materials are locally sourced and responsibly harvested. 

View some chair examples and other products in my Gallery, or visit my Etsy Shop.

Maine Woods 2020 Exhibit


This walnut seat high chair is part of the juried Maine Wood 2020 exhibit, alongside an extremely talented group of makers and artists. The show runs from January 17th to April 8th at the Messler Gallery, Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, 25 Mill Street, Rockport, Maine.

Learn more about the exhibit here.

If you are bored while waiting out COVID, and woodworker who needs chairparts, I have some chairmaking parts avilable now – for a limited time!